Sunday, June 11, 2006

Mujahedeen Shura Council of Iraq-Press Releases 11-06-2006 Anexo2

The aroma's in Prince(Abu Musab) Dreams

All praise comfy believers in his support, and humiliated polytheist in his power, and Peace Be Upon the one who Allah rose the light of His religion in his sward.
Emam Bukhari narrated from Mohammad bin Seren way, he heard Abu Huryra said: Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him Said: When the Day of Judgment becomes close believer's dream will almost always happens, and believer's dream is part of Forty Six parts of prophet hood. Emam Bukhari said and anything from prophet hood can't be false. (1)

Many dreams, came just before our Prince Abu Musab martyrdom. A shaikh Mujaheed told me about a dream he saw in that week, he said may Allah protect him: I saw the sheikh give a glass of water, he drunk one third or one half of it-Mujaheed was not sure- and he left the rest.

Maybe what was meant by water is Jihad, and what the Shaikh(Abu Musab) drunk was his time in Jihad compared to the age of Jihad in arrd alrrafidyn.

A Mujaheed brother was talking about his dream, he said: I saw on Wednesday night as if the Shaikh(Abu Musab) in a house, around him people applying him with Henna. I said this one is even clearer than the one before, and saw its interpretation, Shaikh Abu Musab was pigmented in his blood in Wednesday night, and bridal to the Hor inshallah our God…

I was told about one of Shaikh's guards may Allah have mercy on their souls, that he saw that house(The house the Shaikh was in) bombarded and destroyed, so he told the Shaikh may Allah have mercy on his soul, but the Shaikj said no one can escape from what Allah has written for us.

And Abu Musab was right I swear, no one can escape from what Allah has written for us…We are from Allah, and to Him we shall return.

My Allah bless you Abu Musab alive and dead, and for your farewell are grieved, and for being honored in martyrdom are content.

Sunday 6/11/2006

(1)Ibn Hijer warned that this was an addition by Bukhari may Allah h.

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