Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Announcement from Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq on the so called "Iraq neighbors' conference"

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists, the consequence for the devoted, no aggression except on aggressors and peace be upon the Imam of the moujahedeen, and his family and companions in entirety.

After three years of the kufor invasion of the land of two rivers, and their announcement of their crusading projects to change the map of the area, and after the blessed Jihad caravan which its flag was risen clear, and its army is gathered from Muslims countries from those who are the people of Sunna and Jama'a, the crusaders found themselves fallen in swamp without end, their army engaged into a daily war of attrition, and their "democracy" project for the region showed its failure and hypocrisy, and all the fabrication campaign failed to unite their dispersion.

And after the failure of United Infidels (United Nations), in covering up crusaders ignorant faces with international laws, and humanitarian organizations under the Mojahedeen preemptive hits, and the failure of apostate governments which were founded by crusaders, starting from Iraqi Governing Council to the Malikis government Allwai and Jaafari governments, in saving their masters blood, and leading the country as their agents, all this combined the withdrawing of the worthless mercenaries who were gathered by the US from the dregs of society, and after seeing the reality on the ground. America today is like a lonely animal descending into the quick sand, the more it moves the deeper it falls. Earlier the pride was preventing the brainless administration from dealing with countries like France and Russia, where their interests clashed on dividing and sharing the wealth of Iraq after the invasion. After all that, the enemy now is begging help from the dreg hypocrites of this nation, maybe they will save his drowning army, or save his face.

The brainless administration didn't find at this stage better than the old unworthy coalition of their creatures and their "Karazays" in the region, the agents of the Arabs and their league …

In the last year was the so called ''the National Reconciliation congress'' in Cairo sponsored by the League of Arab governments, that league permitted the Border shredding of the Muslim countries , sold the land of Palestine cheaply and fixed the Tawagheet governments on the Muslims necks. This project was intended to save the American mister from the morass of defeat, that deeper his feet, and broke his dreams in the Rafidain land. It was a sale transaction mounted on the night by the regimes of apostasy and employment in the region which were surprised by the spirit of jihad that affected the body of the nation, and make it afraid about the situation of their patrons by the hands of the disheveled dusted sons of Islam.
After the failure of this project , come the role of ''Al salool''(Saudi Arabian government) in the Haramayn land, their history is full of treason roles and leading positions in the service of the Crusaders. Just decades ago they were behind the English invasion of Muslim countries, they have betrayed their nation in the most consecrated sanctities, and challenged the Muslims with their most cherished possession, the day they made the ground of revelation a station for the brothers of monkeys and pigs (jews) , and a base for launching crusaders campaigns on the Muslim territories, they insisted to participate in the deliver the home of Khelafa Baghdad to the first enemy of Muslims, America, so that the role of Al-Salol on that time was the most ugly. Whereas America was on the threshold of defeat, that no one can deny except those whom Allah effaced their hearts and eyes. After the defeat of the '' Alkameyeen'' as defined by their hatred in the management of the war for Americans, America selected al-Salool'' to save it from its plight. So that was the ugly play through was the lamentations over their cousins from the sunniest in Iraq, and the talk about Iranian interference come to give a role for those pretended being from the sunniest in the political operation and the democratic play to try to circumvent the Mujahideen.

And today, and after the failure of all the plots, and because of the critical situation the crusaders project in the region reached, the time for Iran to continue the plots have came, she has the biggest history of treason to the nation by standing with the enemies and collating with them. As in the days of the Safavid state, which supported all Ottman empire enemies. And last but not least the slavishness, subordination, and the kneeling down to the greatest satan (America), to jump on their shoulders to infringe on inviolability of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. Where they took pride, as Mohammad Ali Abtahi, the Iranian vice president said in a conference held in Abu Dhubi "Without the Iranian cooperation, America wouldn't be able to occupy Iraq, and Afghanistan".

And after it was clear to America the depth of the Iranian involvement in Iraq, which jeopardized American interests, and after the tumble of the apostate government in Iraq lead by Al-Maliki and the statements of kufor ambassador Zalmai Khalil Zad, on the necessity of the dismissal of militias, which will lead at the end to decrease Iranian influence in Iraq, all this pushed the crusaders and Safavids to hold an agreement in which each part achieved its goals and ambitions. The Safavids in Iran wanted to support the new apostate government to achieve their dream by implementing Ayat Qom protocols, and fiftieth plan to eliminate the Sunni people in Iraq to establish the Shi'ite Crescent in the region with the Nussiris (Syrian regime), and Hizb ul Allah in the Sham(Great Syria), and their way to do this is by negotiating with the crusaders on their alleged nuclear program. While the crusaders want to save their soldiers blood through apostate army, and the stability of security for the slave government in the green zone supported by Iran, and the reparation of their political project "democracy" on the land of two rivers, so both projects (Crusaders, Safavids) in what was called the "Iraq neighbors' conference", which was held in Iran recently, in which they took advantage of some naive Sunni individuals who do not follow Allah's book, so they thought the criminal infidels will be fair and kind, but they will fail to reach that conclusion, and the bullies who betrayed Allah and his messenger, and embraced the kufor belief (democracy), those who can't do anything good but cry and condemn, and we are certain that crusaders begging for support from their pygmy leaders in the region is evidence of their muddling and failure, and it is by Allah the signs on the collapsing of the crusaders project in the region thanks to Allah on the hands of honest Mojahedeen. So you , disbelievers and you false deities (Tawagheets) be prepared to what will afflict you. We are going in our Jihad, and will not stop until Allah enable us of your necks, and until we raise the flag of monotheism, and Allah's laws lead the countries and the people.

O Allah take the Roman's (Tawagheets) false deities
O Allah take the Arab's (Tawagheets) false deities
O Allah take the Arab's (Tawagheets) false deities
O Allah take the non-Arab's (Tawagheets) false deities

O Allah let their plot return on them, and make their annihilation in their plotting, and enable us of their necks and make them and their money as spoils of war to the Mojahedeen with your strength…

Allah is great,

'' Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. ''

The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq

Alfajr media center