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Letter from the wife of Sheikh Abu Mosaab Al-Zarqawi "mercy of Allah be upon him" to the whole world

[Abu Mosaab the sale has been gained you have angered them alive and dead]

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful
All Praise and thanks to Allah Who "revived" and "mortified" and ordered the believers to fight ….some of them have refused and perverted….and a few who shown firmness.

And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad who has incited the believers to ask the martyrdom ….and clarified that it's a high degree, which will only be obtained by the sincere and trustworthy worshipers ….

This is a message I send it first to:

Our sheikh and our leader Osama Ben Laden

May Allah protect him and make him a bloody thorn in the infidels' throat.

May Allah enlarge your reward and we present you our condolences in our stricken by the martyrdom of our dear beloved the Mojahed Sheikh, the courageous lion, and the slayer prince Sheikh Abu Mosaab al-Zarkawi may Allah accept him and accord him the highest level in paradise.

Be patient our Sheikh,- by Allah- , the Mojahedeen's mothers specifically the Iraqi ones when they knew of the martyrdom of their sons, they said:
"If Sheikh Abu Mosaab is well, then the loss of our sons is easy "

And we say :
Till our Sheikh Osama our leader, vanquisher of the infidels is well, then our hit of our beloved Sheikh and leader Abu Mosaab is easy, although the affliction is hard but , -by Allah- , this is what your prince (deputy) wished, to redeem himself for you , and – by Allah- he loved you and was faithful to you, obedient to your orders, sacrifying himself and wishing to meet you Sheikh Osama.

We are waiting with eagerness for the coming victorious battles and we ask Allah that it will happen under your command our generous Sheikh, to enrage the enemies of Allah and yours.

Sheikh Abu Mosaab was a soldier in one of your armies, and the soldiers are many, all praise and gratitude be to Allah.

If Abu Mosaab was killed, the wombs of the Muslim nation's women will not be sterile and will give birth to those who will be hardest towards the infidels more than Abu Mosaab was. They will join your armies from the victorious group -Allah willing- and which their last ones will fight against al-Dajjal, to command them as you like our Sheikh.

-By Allah- we will continue on the same path, and we renew our homage to you, and will obey to your orders on Allah's way.

It was enough for Abu Mossab -May Allah have mercy upon him and accept him and forgive him- to be a soldier of this battle, and one of its initiators, who opened its hell doors on the enemies of Allah from Jews and Crusaders and apostates.

May Allah protect you for your soldiers and peace of Allah be upon you.

The second message is to the Muslim nation's heroes and the Mojahedeen in all levels:

To those who are in the frontlines, standing firm before the guns and under the bombardment, and those who are behind them protecting their brothers.

To those who are in the rear, and those who work in the shadows and who are only known by their Lord, and they don't wait any reward but from their Lord.

To all of them I say:
May Allah enlarge your reward and we present to you our condolences for what happened to your beloved leader the slayer prince who massacred the Roman (infidels), and unmasked the "Shiites -Rawafed" and disrupted them. I encourage you, and ask you to stay firm; Allah has opened to you a door –by Allah- which will not be closed till the victory.

Oh worshipers of Allah, be firm, you are not the kind which the martyrdom of a leader or the capture of a commandant will shake you.

Your faith (Aqeeda) is stronger and firm, this is because you are not interested in this life but you are attached to the hereafter (Akheera).

Take revenge for your religion first, then for your blood, honor and money, all this in the martyrdom doors which your prophet – peace be upon him- has incited to.

The Jihad and its leaders succeeded and defeated your enemies, because of you and you are their hands and their eyes, what generous you are! And may Allah accord you for your piety.

As you were faithful to them(Former mojahedeen leaders) when they were alive, don't betray them after their death. And stay on what you have promised them, your beloved Sheikh when the searching campaigns after him increased recently, and the Americans and their traitors devoted 30,000 soldiers whom mission was to find your Sheikh, I told him:
Why don't you get out of Iraq and continue your guidance outside until this campaign is over?

He looked at me and was furious and said:

Me! Me!! Am I a traitor to get out of Iraq? !!!

NO -by Allah- I will never get out of Iraq except with victory or martyrdom.

Your Sheikh was sincere and faithful with his Lord and with you, will you be sincere?

Like Sheikh Osama –may Allah protect him- has said:
Don't let down the nation just when the victory is close, the entire nation sets its hopes on you, so what will you do?

I send another message to the relatives of our Sheikh and our slayer prince Abu Mosaab –may Allah accept him and forgive him- :

I would like to congrat you in the martyrdom of your pious son, the honest and strict, the strong and the trustworthy, he talked about you so much and prayed for you..
He wished so much to see you and to meet you, one day after supplicating Allah for the best and consultation about publishing his last video-I was worried about him from this – he told me:

Now my brothers and sisters and all my family are happy to see me and to know that I am ok. Although he was sad about what the media of the traitor Jordanian government showed concerning the declarations from some elements of his clan about their disavowing, but he prayed for their sons.

Oh young people and sons of the clan, attach importance to your religion and pay attention to it. May Allah enlarge your reward and we present to you our condolences, and be patient and endure for your religion until you meet him in paradise …

And I send a message to the weak and sitting people who are content with staying and disobeying the prophet –peace upon him- stay with the sitting people, and fill your bellies with food and drinks, it will be filled by dust and clay. You are content with this life, and forget the hereafter; short is the enjoyment of this life.

The caravans and processions of martyrs go on and proceed to its Lord by blood and the odor of "musk" smell out of their bodies.

Your people die in a traffic accident, or die on a soft bed, then a bad odor smell out from their bodies.

Cowards, you left the good things that Allah announces to the things that Allah warns under the pretext of what your misleading savants have said to you. I swear- by Allah- you will not be excused by your imitation to them, you are not allowed to imitate them in the principles of the religion.

And if the scholars agreed on that taking infidels as friends is among the things that take out from religion and that is the case of Arab/Muslim countries leaders, they also agreed that leaving Allah's deen(religion) learning is considered also among the things that get out from religion, and you fell in it.

There is no excuse for you and the Quran and Sunna are preserved and in your reach, you left all this and you followed the misleading savants whom the prophet –peace of Allah upon him- feared their effect on his nation(you) more than he feared from al-Dajjal himself

"In order to be free from guilt before your Lord (Allâh), and perhaps they may fear Allâh." (Al-A'raf 7:164)

And another message to the Roman's dogs… and their rented asses.

We say to you: don’t show your joy and happiness for the death of our Sheikh the prince of the slaughterers and don’t fake it in front of your peoples...Because we know that his death irked you so much.
If you were truthful that you monitored and chased him for a month before his death, it would be better for you to capture him alive, but you are lying as usual , so all the thanks to Allah who didn't enable you to follow him nor to capture him as prisoner.

Allah made from his death your enraging… same as his life. He was always asking Allah in his prayers to accord him the martyrdom, although he was praying Allah previously to lengthen his life to fight you until he could see by his eyes the victory and the glory to this nation.

But in recent times he said: The victory is coming inevitably, but I miss the martyrdom. He was sensing and feeling that even he was waiting for it every day like he had an appointment with it. Mercy of Allah be upon him and may Allah accept and forgive him.

I will tell you one more thing , he said:

I will appear on the video for the nation to irk the infidels…and to please the believers, and I feel –by Allah- the martyrdom is coming after that.

He was honest with Allah so Allah gave him what he wants . (I figure him like that but I don't commend him to Allah). So look how more than one type of martyrdom were looking for him until it found him in less than two months from his appearance to the nation, to get by your attack two types of martyrdoms and not only one . So all praise and thanks to Allah for giving him the martyrdom, his highest wish, by your hands and without you … and I swear –by Allah- that it was a gift that you gave him either you feel or you do not.

The opening of the door of slaughtering which is Sunna of our prophet – peace upon him- by Abu Mosaab and that will never be closed –Allah willing- , this is enough to be a glory and honor for him.

In the last al-Adha feast I asked him: won't you slaughter for this occasion?

He answered -May Allah accept him and give mercy on him and forgive him-:
I don't have money to buy immolation….but may Allah give me an "American infidel" I will slaughter him and ask Allah to accept it.

This is our faith (Aqeeda) and the Sunna of our prophet which was forgotten, and he has revived it before leaving us. The malediction of Abu Mosaab will follow you until you will be annihilated "by slauthering" and defeated.

And for you the rejecters of the religion (Group of Shiites "Rawafed"):

You are villainous and lowlier than I send you a message; you are laughingstock of the nations , O people of slap and dancing, sons of Mouta'a (adultery), brothers of the Jews…and followers of al-Dajjal(Anti-Christ)

The laughingstock " Mowafak al-Rabeey" the ignorant who can't distinguish between A and Z, or between a male and a female, said to the media on the traitor channel TV –al-Arabiya- that they were waiting for result of "Semen acid" to identify the dead.
What a scandal…."Semen acid!!!???" this is what he has said. He can not distinguish between (Semen) and (DNA profiling).

They have changed the religion of Allah. Allah sealed up their hearts and mouths all praise be to Allah. Yes –by Allah- all praise be to Allah who unmasked you (Rejecters "Rawafeed") the Jews' brothers and al-Dajjal's (Anti-Christ) followers by the hands of the beloved Abu Mosaab

All praise be to Allah , because Abu Mosaab –may Allah accept him – didn't leave this world until he has opened not only one door but many doors which were closed before and opened by him to continue the battles and fighting you and killing you…

And all praise be to Allah , because before his death he has prepared lectures to remind the nation about your dark history and show your crimes and your treason and clarify what is your recompense according to Allah's rule , and that it wasn't a heresy from the moujahedeen when he fought you and killed you..

So die frustrated , the Sheikh obtained the martyrdom and his malediction will follow you until you will be annihilated soon - Allah willing-..

The other clown "Nuri Al Malki " who thought of himself as a prime minister – yes- by Allah- he is a prime minister of a cobweb' (weak) government- he announced after he has been taught what and how to declare the martyrdom of our beloved Sheikh Abu Mosaab –may Allah accept him- .

He declared that this event will create a new period of calm and stability in Iraq , you went wrong O! apostate, don't your leaders find any stupid exept you to declare this!!!

At the time the liar of the White House and the thief of Britain have declared that his death will not stop the martyrdom operations or give stability to Iraq, this stupid schoolboy (Al Malki) said the opposite to what they said, and what they just taught him, what a stupid? !!

But I will say a strict word, and take it seriously:

Don't be happy for the martyrdom of ((al-Zarkawi)) , the biggest battle is coming and I want to give you the good news by saying that only one of every hundred of you will survive.

If you want, go back to the prophet's – peace upon him- sayings and understand that, if you want, take a warning from it, or leave it.

At the end I say:

Congratulations my Sheikh my leader my sweetheart
Congratulations to you.

You wished to obtain the martyrdom for the sake of Allah

I suppose - Allah willing-

that you have obtained it twice.
The first, is the martyrdom for the sake of Allah.
And the second, is the martyrdom of one who is killed by a building falling on him.

In true al-Bukhary's book:
Abu Hurayra - may Allah be pleased with him – reported that the prophet –peace upon him- said:
"There are five types of martyrdom, one who dies by stabbing or because of his internal complaint or if he got drowned or one who is killed by a building falling on him, or in the sake of Allah"

May Allah reward him twice …May Allah reward him twice

(Elegy –Poem- for Sheikh Abu Mosaab al-Zarkawi –mercy of Allah be upon him and may Allah accept him- from his wife)

Farewell Abu Mosaab farewell

you went to the higher paradise

You left the eyes tearful

for the continuous generosity

My heart was broken

and I am sad

Oh Allah unite me with my sweetheart very soon

to accompany him swiftly

To stay near him

and to not leave me again and let me as afraid widow

No-by Allah- my eyes never had enough of seeing him

and I never had enough of accompanying him

I enjoyed his sweet whispering

in Paradise I will enjoy forever

You came to "Iraq" which was

in struggle because of the "Roman's dogs"

And you were its blessing son (to Iraq)

and you fought them hardly

You have slaughtered the infidelity

when you slaughtered worthless infidels in battle

They were terrified because of

your acts my prince

By a "knife"…..

you have brought double retaliation from them

And you established Allah's rule on the "Rafeda" (Group of Shiites)

and you demonstrated the "proof" about them indisputably

You were a glory for "Islam" by Allah

and by "Islam" you were honored and steady without fear

Iraq will weep for you

and every span you have stepped on will weep

You were a support for al-Rafedayn land for a long time

now It is like just an hour

Live in the verdant paradise eternally

there, there is no fear

Oh Allah unite me with my sweetheart very soon

to accompany him swiftly

Your wife / lover of the slayer prince

Oum Mohammad

falsely accused

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