Thursday, August 17, 2006

The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq presents the semimonthly harvest of the military operations

Result of some military operations for this period:

From 25/Jumada2/1427 to 9/Rajab/1427
Consenting 20/July/2006 to 3/August/2006

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

O’ Allah, straighten up our aim and make us stand firm

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

Since the foundation of this blessed council , the good news are increasing , and the heroic operations against the crusaders and their tails are continuing , despite of the terrible secrecy of the media. The crusaders realized that there is no place for them on the two rivers land and the caliphs land , the crusaders and their tails apostates endured great losses during last few days to augment their wounds and to quicken their breaking and annoucing their defeat -by Allah willing- by the hands of the sincere moujahedeen.
This statement is a reply to the crusader media which tries to hide its continual losses and the daily bleeding in its forces , all praise and gratitude be to Allah , and this is the total and confirmed operations sent by your brothers lions of Tawheed in the period from 25/Jumada2/1427 to 9/Rajab/1427 Consenting 20/July/2006 to 3/August/2006.

NB: The releases in which the human and material losses were not defined clearely are not taken into consideration.

The human losses:

1) Cross soldiers: 293 infidels ( 202 of them in the proud Anbar province ) and one of them was an important general.

2) The national guards: 140 apostates , and between them 6 officers.

3) The apostate police forces: 136 apostates , and between them 8 officers.

4) The apostate keeping order and maghaweer forces: 90 apostates , and between them 6 officers .

5) The Ghadr "Badr" corps: 155 Rafedy "Shiites" , and between them 9 leaders.

6) Mouktada al-Dajjal army: 136 Rafedy "shiites" , and between them two leaders .

7) The apostate beeshmarga forces: 33 apostates.

The apostates and traitor agents and spies: 3 officers in the intelligence, 1 consultant in the previous interior's ministry, 1 element of the Irani intelligence , the director of the city council with his brother and 2 of his companions , a responsible in the Finance Ministry , 1 translator, 1 element of the interior's ministry, 1 officer in the interior's ministry, 1 of Baghdad governor's relatives, 1 driver of a police' officer , a general director in the health ministry , 2 entrepreneurs , 4 of Jabr Soulagh followers, members in the big crimes court, an officer and one responsible in the democratic Kurdistany party.

Destroyed vehicles :

The crusaders:

1) Hammer vehicles: 80 vehicles ( 47 in the proud Anbar province).

2) Armored vehicles, tanks and mine sweepers: 17 armored vehicles, 8 mine sweepers and 9 tanks.

3) Trucks and cisterns: 28.

4) 4*4 cars: 2.

Planes and helicopters: Shooting down 1 helicopter in Dyala.

The national guards : 17 vehicles , between it one Hammer and one armored.

The apostate police: 26 vehicles.

Maghaweer and keeping order: 13 vehicles.

The interior's intelligence : 2 vehicles.

Beeshmarga: 3 vehicles.

Martyrdom operations: 8 blessed operations disturbing the enemy (the most important one was al-Karrada operation in Baghdad causing the destruction of seven Hammer vehicles and one armored of the crusaders) all praise and gratitude be to Allah.

Clashes and guerrilla warfares : more than 57 attacks and clashes with the crusaders and their tails.

Operations of bombardment and shelling at headquarters and camps and bases of the crusaders and their tails :

1) Mortar projectiles caliber 60, 82, 120 mm: more than 150 mortars aimed at the crusaders' bases.

2) Katyusha missiles: 9 missiles.

3) Crad missiles: 10 missiles.

4) Khattab missiles: 8 missiles.

5) Snap missiles: 3 missiles.

Allah is great,

'' Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. ''

The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq

Alfajr media center