Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq presents the semimonthly harvest of the military operations

The harvest of some military operations for this period:
From 10 Rajab 1427 to 23 Rajab 1427
Consenting 4 August 2006 to 17 August 2006.

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

O’ Allah, straighten up our aim and make us stand firm

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

Allah said,
[[8] They intend to put out the Light of Allâh (i.e. the religion of Islâm, this Qur'ân, and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)) with their mouths. But Allâh will bring His Light to perfection even though the disbelievers hate (it).]

The crusaders' losses and the ruin of their soldiers and their tails are infinite, it is a fierce war between the believers and the infidels in the two rivers land. Of course the enemies of Allah can't do anything except the hiding of the truths by the media and showing only lies and untruths, and all what is shown by the media from the crusaders' speeches and declarations of the responsibles in the Iraqi "Aalkamy" government , all this is just an execution of orders coming from the Pentagon and the Americans .

O brothers of Tawheed " monotheism" , don't you see how they try to erase moujahedeen's news and to show them as a source of trouble and defect.

And look at the Arabic channels TV which become the same as the crusader media and which try to make doubt in the moujahedeen's media . O you who look for the truth and the real news , is the one who doesn't worship Allah more sincere than the moujahed mowahed who doesn't worship except Allah and defend the true religion ???, Are Muslims the same as criminals, how do you judge and decide, and despite this you don't see this balance nor hear about " the dissenting opinion".

in spite of this , the crusader media annouces the killing of two soldiers in the west of Iraq without talking about tens of the crusaders whom limbs were dispersed in air after attacks made by the cavaliers from the proud martyrdom brigade “Abi Dujanah Alansari” may Allah make it firm .

We know certainty that the news and events pass over the crusader media which show what they want like the logic of Pharaoh who said " "I show you only that which I see", and we know that the Channels TV are forced to follow the crusaders and submitted to the lying and false articles.

But your brothers in the media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council don't care about that because they wish these events were diffused in the rewards' page to erase their sins and to raise their degrees, and Allah is All-Knower of the unseen and seen .

O brothers, our media is an incitement of the mouwahedeens " believers"and an annunciation of Jihad and refutation of the slander , like our prophet peace be upon him taught us when he said to his companions " may Allah be pleased with them" : don't answer them and just say "Allah is the Most High, the Most Great" , and say " Allah is our lord supporter and protector and no lord for you".

This is the total and confirmed operations sent by your brothers lions of Tawheed in the period from 10 Rajab 1427 to 23 Rajab 1427
Consenting 4 August 2006 to 17 August 2006.

NB: The releases in which the human and material losses were not defined clearely are not taken into consideration.

The human losses:

1) Cross soldiers: 172 infidels (127 of them in the proud Anbar province )

2) The national guards: 135 apostates , and between them 2 officers ( 48 of them in the proud Anbar province ) .

3) The apostate police forces: 323 apostates ( 231 of them in Dyala) , and between them 7 officers and 2 experts in explosives and 1 commandant.

4) The apostate interior's maghaweer and the keeping order forces: 14 apostates .

5) The apostate beeshmarga forces: 41 apostates.

6) The Ghadr "Badr" corps: 28 Rafedy "Shiites" , and between them 3 leaders and one media' and financial responsible.

7) Mouktada al-Dajjal army: 93 Rafedy "shiites" , and between them 9 leaders .

The apostates and traitor agents and spies: killing 4 trucks' drivers transporting provisions to the enemy, killing 2 officers in intelligence and 1 member of the city council , wounding gravely a responsible of al-Beea'aj area and killing a number of his guards, assassinating 12 entrepreneurs working with the crusaders and their tails , assassinating 5 spies of the crusaders , killing three elements of the crusaders' intelligence, assassinating a general director in the health's ministry from the sadry current " followers of al-Sadr"

The destroyed and damaged vehicles:

The crusaders:

1) "Hammer" and "Hamvee" vehicles: 74 vehicles ( 41 in the proud Anbar province).

2) Armored vehicles , tanks and mine sweepers: 12 armored vehicles, 6 mine sweepers and 5 tanks.

3) Trucks and cisterns: 14.

4) 4*4 cars used by Mosad and the crusader intelligence: 7 cars.

5) Soldiers transporter : 1.

Planes and helicopters: Shooting down 1 "Black Hook" plane near al-Dejeel and 1 spying plane in Aarab Jboor region south of Baghdad .

The national guards : 13 vehicles ( 1 Hammer , one 4*4 car and other vehicles…)

The apostate police : 25 vehicles.

Maghaweer and keeping order forces : 6 vehicles

The apostate government : 4 vehicles 4*4 for protecting the responsibles .

Beeshmarga: 25 vehicles .

The martyrdom operations:

Blessed Martyrdom operations disturbing the enemy , and all praise and gratitude be to Allah : 5

1) Samurra martyrdom operation: aimed at a headquarters of the interior's maghaweer while their meeting with the Britannic intelligence , causing the killing of 15 elements from the maghaweer and hitting three cars of the Britannic intelligence leaving approximately 20 of them killed and others wounded.

2) Al-Mowssel operation: aimed at the national Kurdistany Union using a full of explosives truck transporting approximately 5 Ton of explosives which caused the complete destruction of the headquarters leaving large losses in the apostates' ranks.

3) Al-Habbaneya double operation: made by two brothers one of them Mouhajer "immigrant" the other Ansary "Iraqi" , and they attacked Kouklim police center near al-Habbaneya while the apostates were receiving their salaries , which caused the killing of approximately 50 apostates.

4) Al-Saklaweya operation: made by one of Tawheed's "monotheism" lions and aimed at a headquarters of the crusaders in al-Saklaweya region near al-Falluja , it was a blessed operation causing the destruction of approximately 8 vehicles of the crusaders and enormous losses in their ranks.

5) Blessed Shahraban operation in Dyala: made by a generous sister from the two rivers land who attacked with her full of explosives car a common patrol of the crusaders and the apostate national guards , which caused the killing of 15 crusaders and a number of the apostates , may Allah accept her as a martyr.

Confrontation operations against the Rawafeds "Shiites" attacks at sunnite regions:

A confrontation operation against an attack from al-Dajjal army's elements at sunnite villages near al-Nahrawan , which made them enduring a great defeat , all praise and gratitude be to Allah.

Snipers attacks operations: Shooting approximately 55 crusaders and 23 apostates from the national guards and the police .

Clashes ,guerrilla warfares, ambushing and attacking caravans and predominances and check points: More than 41 attacks and clashes against the crusaders , and more than 15 attacks and clashes against their tails apostates from the national guards and the police ( 30 attacks and clashes against the cross soldiers and the apostates happened in al-Anbar province).

Concentrated bombardment operations aimed at headquarters , bases and camps of the crusaders and the apostates:

1) Mortar projectiles caliber 60,82 and 120 mm: More than 100 mortars aimed at bases of the crusaders and the apostates .

2) "Katyusha" missiles: 4 rockets.

3) "Krad" missiles: 4 rockets.

4) "Snap" missiles" : 3 rockets.

Allah is great,

'' Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. ''

The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq

Alfajr media center