Monday, August 14, 2006

A statement from Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq about the crusader media's fallacies

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

We are talking about the untruth crusader media spreading its lies and hiding its defeat , the logic of these infidels is the same logic of Pharaoh when he said " I show you only that which I see (correct), and I guide you only to the path of right policy! " , because the media is an influential weapon which can defeat thrones and destroy armies , so they feared the destruction of their armies by hiding the truth and spreading lies, so my brothers look at the crusaders' allegations that they captured sixty moujahed in Aarab Jbour region south of Baghdad, and that they killed more than twenty six moujahed in the proud Ramady city , they captured only the Sunnite unarmed common people, and the moujahedeen are there in the battlefields " by the grace of Allah" , on the other hand, look at the hiding by the media of what is happening in al-Dowra region etc… from destroying domiciles of peaceful people and capturing unarmed Sunnites.

All this is happening in front of viewing of what is called " weakness front" who were happy for the coming of the crusaders to Baghdad to save the sunnites – as they allege- from the Rafedy "Shiite" militia which kill and kidnap and make homless the sunnite people, and they continue their political tricks to defeat moujahedeen by prensenting the entry of the sunnites in the security sections under the pretext of saving their regions as they allege, but they don't say anything about their brothers and companion's crimes on the infidelity tables, and some of them – who were before obeyed- now they are like an ostrich who can't confront people after calling publicly the sunnite people to " be disarmed" and to join " the submission operation" they get lost.
On the other hand , the battles against the crusaders and their tails are continuing by the grace of Allah , and by Allah " brothers" every hour the America's noses are soiled in dirt, they are humiliated and lowly in Iraq by the grace of Allah.

The Ghazawat " invasions" are continuing in al-Anbar and Mowssel etc…and the attack and retreat's battles are also continuing by the grace of Allah, and also the martyrdom operations , the last one happened in al-Saklaweya which destroyed and transformed the crusaders' caravans to ash by the grace of Allah , the result of the blessed operations of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq during this last two weeks made the enemy scared and disturbed, and despite of all these victories and the extension of the battlegrounds, and the rising of bloody voices by " Allah U Akbar" , the crusader media make less the moujahedeen's news and victories , and O "brothers" note how they show the numbers of killed from the national guards and the traitor police and they hide news about battles with the crusaders and the number of their killed and fallen.

O nation of Islam , all Praise and thanks be to Allah giving you men sacrifying themselves for the sake of Allah , and defending this religion and fighting and asking Allah what his enemies will never ask , we swear by Allah that we will never leave the Jihad for the sake of Allah and we will never leave fighting the infidels intil Allah predestine what he wills, No peace with the jews and christians and their supporters, and No dialogue with them except missiles and bombs' dialogue , we ask Allah the acceptance and rightness.

Allah is great,

'' Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not. ''

The media committee of Mujahedeen Shura council of Iraq

Alfajr media center