Monday, December 18, 2006

The Islamic Iraq State / The news report of the State 18-12-2006

The Islamic State of Iraq / blesses the statement "Call for the Sunnites in Iraq and the necessity of supporting them by the nation"

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s who guides a group of savants to release a statement " Call for the Sunnites in Iraq and the necessity of supporting them by the nation " on Thursday 16 Du al-Keeda 1427, we were happy because often we were waiting for such words coming from dolorous hearts and showing the courage of those assembled for it, it's influential and we feel here the meaning of the Hadeeth of the prophet Muhamad "peace be upon him" : (The believers in their mutual love and their tenderness between them are like one body if one of its organs suffered all the body became ill).

We ask Allah that our savants do not prevent us from such statements, we need it so much even if it was from the common people moreover to be from savants known by their science , religion and method, this statement was a slap on face of all those who try to make difference between the nation and its savants, and try to delude people claiming that the savants disown the Jihad and Mujahedeen, the savants declare to the nation: The Jihad against the enemies is a basic element and the most important of the religion's rites and what is taken by force can not be recuperated except by force, by the grace of Allah the Mujaheden in Iraq were an ideal example in sacrificing for the sake of Allah which made the enemies terrified and defeated , we appreciate this and ask Allah to grant them success, but there are recent affairs happening in reality as a result of our battle against our enemy , and which need legal rooting that can not be known except by the return to the pious savants with more knowledge and experience and who know the rooting of these recent affairs and the reality of our battle against our enemies , we call all the Mujahedeen to be united with their savants and to consult them, can we be happy by seeing our brothers extending their hands and making our enemies enraged?

And we also extend our hands to our pious faithful savants to support this religion as far as possible and that we will not harm them by Allah willing, it is sufficient for us that they pray for us and support us even if with their words , if we are wrong our hearts are opened for the advice, and everything proved by the Allah's Book and his Prophet's Sunna (peace be upon him) we accept it without dispute, we ask Allah to protect the nation's savants who tell the truth and not to prevent us from their advice.

And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of humans know not.

O Allah , defeat the spiteful Rawafed (Shiite) and the Zionist Crusaders and their allies , make them with their equipments a booty for the Muslims, O Allah destroy them ..

O Allah , the sky is yours, the earth is yours, the sea is yours, O Allah , drop all their forces in sky, destroy all their forces in earth and sink all their forces in sea..

O Allah, retaliate upon them, afflict them like you did to Pharaoh and his nation , O Allah afflict their country with flood , make them in need of money and food and persons , O Allah defeat them , destroy them O the All-Strong, the All-Mighty .

Allah is great.

“Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not.”

Information Ministry / The official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq

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