Monday, January 08, 2007

The Islamic State of Iraq/ Two consecutive blessed Martydrom operations against the Crusader army headquarters in al-Amereyah in al-Fallujah included

The Islamic State of Iraq/ Two consecutive blessed Martydrom operations against the Crusader army headquarters in al-Amereyah in al-Fallujah included in al-Anbar province

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety.

An insured blessed Sareyah of the Mujahideen of the Islamic State of Iraq ''May allah honor it" in al-Amereyah in al-Fallujah responded the call of Sheikh, "Abu Omar al - Baghdadi", the leader of Muslims "may Allah preserve him" and executed the attack on headquarters and all controls and locations of the Crusader army and national guards in the mentioned area brandishing swords on the face of crusaders and apostates in a day that Allah honored Islam and its people and humiliated disbelieving and disbelievers where all the streets in the city were cuting, after the extensive clashes that took place to pave the way for master of Muslims to access the first site of the Crusader Army in the region with his full of explosives vehicle, this was a Lorry truck with numbers of tons of explosive materials, under the screaming of Allah O Akbar he exploded his vehicle to meet Allah, to cut off the hands of the crusaders and their tails. Our brother was honored (may Allah accept him) by the killing of more than forty crusaders and apostates soldiers, those fell between killed and injured including many officers, and demolishing completely the three towers for monitoring and destroying many vehicles. On the other hand, the second headquarters was destroyed following the attack with a full of explosive car driven by one Order of the Islamic State to reach the heart of the headquarters and blows his car, which was a Nissan 4x4 on their gathering near the building, Allah make him kill dozens of crusaders and apostates and take them to hell, the bad destiny, To built to him and his brother, who preceded him by Minutes a house in the highest paradise "we think that on him but Allah Knows more". At the 3rd headquarters; was an attack on them, using light and medium weapons where the Mujahideen were able to enter the building and killed fifteen soldiers having been inside, one of the Tawhid lions attacked a crusaders tank vehicle where he throwed on the Supreme aperture an "offensive bomb" causing the death of all the soldiers whom were inside. In the last 4th headquarters (By the help of Allah) was the attack using different kind of weapons and for several consecutive hours where dozens of crusaders and apostates soldiers fell dead, the Mujahideen took a big number of light and medium weapons, to let that day a day of happiness for Muslims and a thorn in the crusaders' throats, grudge in their chests, and ulcer in their livers.

We ask Allah to accept our brothers who dead from Muslims to be from Martyrs, to be from the winners, we ask Allah to accept our brother with martyrs in a highest level of paradise and to stay in it for ever, Allah has the great paid, all praise and gratitude be to Allah .

Those blessed operations are part of "vehemence Ghazwa (incursion) on the Cross soldiers and apostates", which was announced by the leader of Muslims the Sheikh Mujahed Abu Omar al - Baghdadi, "may Allah preserve him"
Allah is great.

“Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not.”

Information Ministry / The official spokesman of the Islamic State of Iraq

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