Thursday, April 26, 2007

Al-Furqan Media production presents : Hunting a Minesweeper vehicle .

Al-Furqan Media production presents : ((Hunting what is called Minesweeper vehicle for US forces in Baghdad province ))

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

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Included in the series of the Romans and apostates hell in al-Rafedain land

((Hunting what is called Minesweeper vehicle for US forces in Baghdad province))

Hunting what is called "Minesweeper vehicle" for US forces in Baghdad province which was destroyed completely " by the grace of Allah" after we had seen the so-called spokesman of the alleged Baghdad security plan saying that the Iraqi forces had received minesweepers and equipment for finding bombs. So the experts from the State’s soldiers hunted minesweepers using the first bomb made specially for Iraqi Minesweepers and experimented at US Minesweepers vehicles, and it was an excellent experience and a dazzling success.
We want to confirm that this operation is for a US Minesweeper vehicle , so what about your feeble vehicles !! The State’s soldiers are yearned to inaugurate the new bomb ( the sweeper of Minesweepers ) made in a wide-range in the Islam State . And we say to the apostate army : Be awaited for the worst , this is just the beginning , we ask Allah to grant us sincerity and honesty in all our sayings and deeds, and from Allah we get aid and success.


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Rabee al-akher 8 , 1428
April 25 , 2007

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