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The Islamic State of Iraq / The blessed Jihad fourth year's harvest

In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

All Praise and thanks are Allah’s, the Lord of all that exists. And peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and companions in entirety

Allah said: ( As for those who strive hard in Us (Our Cause), We will surely guide them to Our Paths (i.e. Allâh's Religion - Islâmic Monotheism). And verily, Allâh is with the Muhsinûn (good doers). ]al-Ankaboot : (69)[

From the beginning of the contemporary Crusade campaign against Islamic lands , the courageous Mujahedeen confronted it in Iraq , Afghanistan and other Islamic lands . Now 4 years of heroic Jihad on al-Rafedain land will be engraved in the nation's mind, this nation who realized that the Jihad for the sake of Allah - after trusting in Allah- is the well-fortified fort and the solid shield which protects Islamic lands and nations belief , it becomes very clear the failure of other solutions and bitter experiments endured by the the oppressed nations during last years , consisting in ignorance of currents parties "nationalist , patriotist, communist , democratic or those who raise Islamic banners but follow surrendered solutions and distorted methods " .

During these last years the true Mujahedeen achieved the real meaning of patience , firmmess , sacrificing and redemption , whereas they irrigated al-Rafedain land with their pure blood and reminded us of the first Islamic combats in Badr , al-Yarmook , al-Qadysiya , Ain-Jaloot , etc…, so the Jihad field in Iraq gives a big chance to Ejtihad (assiduity) and Istembat (invent) because of terrain type , fight magnitude , fronts multiplicity and the existence of the apostates and Rawafeds (Shiites) fighters.

Allah granted success to the Jihad leaders and Mujahedeen who follow Salaf (ancestors ) method and decided of the early dealing with Rawafeds (Shiites) danger and apostate in an unequaled sample in the contemporary Islamic Jihad , so it was an organized and disciplined Jihad on al-Salaf (ancestors ) method and a prominent milestone for Islamic Jihad organizations in all over the world.
The success of the Mujahedeen by the grace of Allah was very clear to every supervisor and events watcher , we will try to enumerate the most important characteristics of the contemporary Islamic Jihad in Iraq which make it discriminated of others battlefields and other Jihad experiments :

1- The presence of “the islamic global Jihadist movement” was very efficient and effective in the area mainly because it had some rich Jihad experiences in different struggle domains against the Ummah(nation) enemies in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Bosnia and others. It has enriched the Jihad’s battlefield in Iraq with its well-bred Aqida(belief) and method. The land of Jihad has received the best young people the Ummah(nation) gave birth to; those who left behind them the desires of transient life and they sought ALLAH’s complacency in His highest heavens.

The land of Jihad enticed the best Muhajereen( Migrants) from all Islamic countries and from different nationalities; many of them were students and highly qualified. Their blood mixed with the blood of Ansars(Iraqi hosts) who opened their houses for them, shared their food and materials with them. The Aqida of Walaa and Baraa(Allegiance to Muslims and believers and disownment from disbelievers) replaced the Sykes-Picot Agreement; allegiance to ALLAh and his prophet replaced allegiance to the nation and nationalism. The participation of all the sons of the Ummah(nation) in confronting this fierce attack enraged the enemies of ALLAH, leaders of the Crusade campaign. They have been angry because a new Jihad center was founded to attract Mujahedeen to the heart of the Ummah and more importantly not far from the extorted Aqsa(Jerusalem) the prophet’s Masra.

2- History didn’t witness such a huge number of Martyrdom operations in Jihad battlefields, exceeding more than 1000 operations. The Mujahedeen could regenerate-thanks to ALLAH- the belief in martyrdom in the Ummah(nation) youth, so they competed to performing martyrdom operations. The leaders of Jihad consider such martyrdom operation as a means of many others of jihad and this situation was forced by the geographical and terrain realities which are : the lack of mountains and forests to be used as a shelter and the existence of the enemy among Muslims without a physical barrier; the martyrdom operations had a devastating effect against the enemy, therefore. These kinds of operations were called the Islamic Nuclear Bomb.

3- The battlefield witnessed also the mixture between Guerrilla war and traditional ambushes, as it happened in Vietnam, and between town and street wars as it happened in the Second World War. The second year of Jihad witnessed a strategic change in the Mujahedeen’s tactics from guerrilla war to street wars and the most important change was witnessed in “The first Felloudja battle” which was the beginning of street and town war in Tellaafar, Samurraa, Alqaem, Haditha and others. The American army entered with the Mujahedeen a fire and move war which made it very tired and caused grave casualties in selves and materials. This war made them forget what they witnessed in Vietnam.

The Mujahedeen used also a unique means of war in the penetration of crusaders and apostates’ bases using Martyrdom operations and clashes with different kinds of arms. Many of such operations destroyed military bases and headquarters of the enemy.

4-With jihad leaders’ maturity and experience, the UN and international organizations’ headquarters were targeted and also the embassies of countries supporting the crusade colonialism and the proved apostate government. They, thus, prevented them from beautifying the face the crusade colonialism to the world and give it legitimacy and to its followers.

5-The blessed Jihad in Iraq regenerated « the war against apostates », supporters of the juggernaut and worshippers of the earthly laws embodied in apostates institutions. It has never happened such targeting of a huge number of apostates from governmental institutions and its recruiters. Their casualties reached tens of thousands and this resulted in the existing of feeble, agent government restricted in the Green Zone from the then Government Council, Allawi government to the Maliki’s.

6) Appearance of the Shiites treason and cooperation with the crusader occupier in all fields , they are typically like their predecessors a poisoned dragger in the back of the Muslim nation. The Jihad in Iraq aroused the nation to what was forgotten since years which is fighting the “ Rejecting abstaining sect” and the rulings of fighting the abstaining sect from practicing Islam , it had never happened -since the Ottoman –Safawis war – this huge fight against the Shiites , the Mujahedeen treated them as an abstaining fighting Islam sect , which resulted in separation and differentiation between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq and the region , and the challenge in front of the Mujahedeen was the presence of the “Safawis militia” and their crimes against Sunnis like killing , burning , torturing them and demolishing their mosques . For this it had been a must for the Mujahedeen to repulse them and protect Sunnis side by side with repulsing the crusader enemy.

7) The nobles from Sunnis supported this blessed jihad especially the original tribes which supported jihad with best from its sons and endured a lot of injuries and insults for the sake of Allah . The crusader enemy in this past years practiced a lot of plans and strategies and declared hundreds of security campaigns which all failed by the grace of Allah, from siege , random capture and shelling houses policies to depending on Shiites soldiers in fighting the Mujahedeen to save their bloods, then depending on the successive safawis governments which gave full rein to the militias and the Internal ministry bodies to attack Sunnis everywhere and Sunnis endured all this for the sake of Allah.

8) After all the crusader enemy plans failure in defeating the Mujahedeen and forcing them to stop their way , the enemy resorted to the Sunni traitors the owners of the spoiled methods to take them apart in the political game and in the police and army to protect the crusaders in the Sunni regions , then it had been the (legislative elections) and Sunnis were about to be deceived despite the resolution and the firmness of the Mujahedeen who exposed the falseness of those traitors and their spoiled creeds , who agreed to share in a secular policy and agreed to please the idols at the expense of Allah’s pleasure , and it had been clear their betrayal to jihad and conspiracy upon the Jihadist project in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere.

9-The Mujahedeen faced with a lot of media distorting campaigns from the counter media , the enemy worked for distorting their military operations and described them with many repulsive descriptions , in contrary he kept in secrecy his and his allies’ losses to hide the daily shedding in those troops in front of the whole world.

10) The Jihad leaders had been more conscious about the enemy's plans and that how to manage with them , also how to benefit from the past jihadi movements mistakes. For it is obvious to all that our battle with the crusader enemy has its religious , political , media , economical and military dimensions , concerning the combat managing the Mujahedeen put in their minds what happened before for some past jihadist movements and what accompanied it from plots and intrigues from the enemies against the Islamic Jihad projects in all Muslim lands.

For this the Jihad leaders in Iraq went early in uniting all the fighting Jihadist factions under a unified leadership as Allah Almighty says: “Verily, Allâh loves those who fight in His Cause in rows (ranks) as if they were a solid structure.” .
Then it was the blessed declaration of the “Mujahedeen Shoura Council in Iraq” which was the first step to unit the efforts and preserving the fixed Sharia rulings of Jihad , this declaration was in the third year of the blessed jihad , some Jihadi factions joined the council and pledged to take up arms until the Islamic Sharia is implicated and to disavow the deviated sects.

After less than a year , it had been declared the Islamic State of Iraq where dozens of battalions and thousands of soldiers pledged alliance to Amir al Moemeneen sheikh Abu Omar al-Baghdadi – may Allah grant him victory-, where the Mujahedeen aimed by this declaration at achieving the following strategic goals in an integral program which may continue for years however it has great impacts on the future of the Islamic Jihadist Project (The Islamic State program):

1) Protecting the Islamic Jihadist project in Iraq from stealing by the hands of “ martyrs blood traders” or by the hands of the “half solutions” owners who are ready in each minute to give down arms , Just like what happened before with former Jihadi movements. This protection means frustrating one of the most important aims of the crusader occupation which is establishing a secular entities which subjoined to the “Zio-Crusader” project in the region.

2) Confronting the malignant Safawi project in the region which aims at establishing a Shiite State in Iraq and at controlling Baghdad and annihilating the Sunnites from the country , as a step to do the same in the whole region. So it had been a necessity for a counter project to be established to defend Sunnis and their presence.

3) Unifying all the Jihadist factions under one banner to repulse fitnah (discord) and to prevent divisions between the Mujahedeen , filling the political , security and the leadership gap which will be there when the occupation gets out of the Muslims land sooner or later, and unifying all Sunnis in Iraq politically and strategically under one leadership.

4) Leading jihad after the crusaders get out , in the (second stage) of fighting against the Safawis and apostates forces till annihilating them ,then leading the (third stage) of fighting both ideologically and politically with the Shiites (rejecters) to stop the rising Shiites-Safawis expansion in the region .

5) Establishing the first islamic government implicates the sharia (Islamic law) in the region since the Ottoman caliphate collapse hundred years ago. To save Muslims from terrifying and unfair idols ruling and to bring back Muslims to their real Islam and to establish the orthodox caliphate..

At last we ask Allah to grant success to the Mujahedeen, to enable them , to grant mercy their martyrs, to cure their injured, to release their captives , to unify their efforts and enable them of defeating their enemies Amen..

O Allah , defeat the spiteful Rawafeds (Shiites) and the Zionist Crusaders and their allies..
O Allah , make them with their equipments a booty for the Muslims..
O Allah destroy them ..
O Allah , the sky is yours, the earth is yours, the sea is yours, O Allah , drop all their forces in sky, destroy all their forces in earth and sink all their forces in sea..
O Allah, retaliate upon them, afflict them like you did to Pharaoh and his nation , O Allah afflict their country with flood , make them in need of money and food and persons ..
O Allah defeat them , destroy them O the All-Strong, the All-Mighty

Allah is great

“Honor, power and glory belong to Allah, to his messenger, and to the believers, but the hypocrites know not.”

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